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                      Great, China photovoltaic! From "manufacturing power" to "application power"!

                      2017-09-22 15:35:43 Hunan hutransformer electric power technology co. LTD

                      In the autumn sky, standing at the top of jianshan mountain in yufei village, yufei village, dazhai township, zhaotong city, yunnan province, the "blue yingying" solar photovoltaic panels are arranged neatly along the mountain.

                      Zhan zhengwang, director of the zhaotong ningbian photovoltaic power station, told reporters that the peak is over 3,000 meters above sea level, due to the poor local climate, poor land and poor economic conditions.

                      When the photovoltaic power station is put into operation here, it has a very important demonstration effect to optimize the local energy structure, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve the economic situation.

                      Yang di of ningbian photovoltaic power station in zhaotong, yunnan

                      "It is a good news for the local people that photovoltaic power stations are taking root in us."

                      Is to lead students to visit the plant da-zhai ZiXiang rain she elementary school principals Yang Zhibin said happily, photovoltaic power station of green environmental protection no pollution, power plant auxiliary the road back to the mountains, improved the traffic of the mountains, also brought economic material benefit to the local people.

                      Ningbo photovoltaic power station is a microcosm of China's photovoltaic industry in recent years.

                      Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), China has issued several opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and a series of related supporting policies.

                      Under the frequent blowing of the policy warm air, the scale of China's photovoltaic industry has steadily increased and the technical level has been continuously improved.

                      With the rapid implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative in countries along the belt and road, China's photovoltaic enterprises are enjoying a broader development prospect.

                      Bath fire rebirth: the number of domestic machinery installed in the world for five consecutive years

                      The development of China's photovoltaic industry is full of joys and sorrows.

                      Once upon a time, with cost advantage and policy support, Chinese photovoltaic products have been expanding production capacity and rapidly occupy the domestic and foreign markets.

                      But, in 2012, the European and American countries for pv "double inverse" policy, the blind expansion of China pv enterprises are tumbling, or BanTingChan shut down half of the enterprise, a part of the backbone enterprises are facing bankruptcy, the risk of failure.

                      As the crisis in the photovoltaic industry continues to worsen, the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) was held in November 2012.

                      The report of the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) explicitly stated that "we will support the development of an energy saving and low-carbon industry and the development of new and renewable energy sources to ensure national energy security."

                      This was regarded as a "blessing" by the photovoltaic industry, which was in a deep depression at that time, and pointed the way forward for the photovoltaic enterprises.

                      As a result, China's photovoltaic industry has begun to rise again.

                      In July 2013, the state council issued several opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

                      Immediately, all relevant departments actively implement the spirit of opinion, supporting measures have been improved.

                      Under the Chinese government actively mediate, pv trade disputes properly disposed of, China pv enterprises to get back to the development of confidence, represented by technological innovation in the new round of photovoltaic industry to flourish.

                      In June 2015, with the ministry, the national energy administration, jointly issued by state certification and accreditation administration of the "about promoting advanced photovoltaic technology application and the opinions of the industrial upgrading, pv" leader plan "into the public eye, become China promote the development of photovoltaic industry, guide the pv important driving force of technological progress and industrial upgrading.

                      In December 2016, the state energy administration issued the 13th five-year plan for solar energy development, which requires the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation to reach over 105 million kilowatts by the end of 2020.


                      The development policies of China's photovoltaic industry have been introduced, including product manufacturing, market application, fiscal and taxation, price, subsidy and land management.

                      In just five years, the Chinese government has rapidly created a policy environment conducive to industrial development and complementarity.

                      With the strong support from the national policy, China's photovoltaic enterprises have started to grow strong again from young and weak, and have made remarkable achievements.

                      , deputy director of the China renewable energy institute pv branch of the national development and reform commission energy research institute researcher Wang Si into introduction, in 2013, China's domestic photovoltaic installations over Germany at a stroke, to become the world's first, in 2017, has 5 years in a row in the first world.

                      In 2016, the total installed capacity of pv in the world was 303GW, among which, China's installed capacity of pv reached 78GW, accounting for 25.7% of the global total.

                      "So far, renewable energy has become the focus of global energy industry competition, and it is an inevitable trend to replace fossil fuels with non-fossil fuels."

                      Wang bohua, secretary general of the China photovoltaic industry association, pointed out that with this trend, people are increasingly aware of renewable energy and photovoltaic.

                      From urban to rural areas, the technology and application knowledge of pv is gradually gaining popularity, and the popularization of pv is rapidly expanding and spreading.

                      Innovative development: "photovoltaic +" promotion and popularization

                      In November 2015, at the UN climate conference in Paris, a 15-year-old high school students to stay in the United States for the first time put forward the "panda power station" of the creative, want to China's national treasure panda image and symbol of the green future photovoltaic power station, by the then UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, former vice President al gore and the height of the affirmation and support.

                      In less than two years, the world's first panda power station was officially completed in datong, Shanxi Province, in August 2017.

                      From a bird's eye view, two giant pandas made of black and white color difference of solar panels are very simple and lifelike.

                      It is understood that panda power station has adopted more than 30 technological and technological innovations, eight of which are the first in the industry.

                      Datong city vice mayor ma security in plant completion ceremony, points out that the panda power station of creativity is the innovation of the photovoltaic (pv) + "", it will pv + photovoltaic photovoltaic + education + science, tourism, into reality.

                      In energy conservation and emissions reduction in recent years, as our pv industry has made remarkable achievements, clean, utilization of photovoltaic application be spreading quickly all over the country, the village photovoltaic power station, farmers, reservoir photovoltaic complementary, beaches, fishing light complementary, agriculture light such as distributed photovoltaic photovoltaic (pv) + "" new industry pattern have sprung up.

                      At the same time, the level of technological innovation is also constantly upgrading. The power of photovoltaic product components is basically increased at the rate of 1 to 2 gears per year.

                      Photovoltaic backbone enterprises seize the opportunity to upgrade and transform existing production lines in order to seize the commanding heights of advanced technologies.

                      "Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), we have been working hard to strengthen technological research and development and reduce costs through technological innovation."

                      About group, crystal silicon production enterprise of the development of permanent cheung shares, board chairman of the CPPCC national committee, tong wei group Liu Hanyuan memories, in 2012, influenced by multiple factors such as Europe and the United States "double reverse", as the main materials of solar photovoltaic panels of polysilicon price from 3 million yuan per ton dropped to 10 tens of thousands of yuan.

                      At the time, yongxiang shares were struggling.

                      Liu Hanyuan said, with the support of national policy, wing cheung shares over the years has experienced four technical upgrading, solar photovoltaic panels main raw material of polysilicon production costs have fallen to below 60000 yuan per ton, in the industry leading level, and through improving independent innovation ability, accumulative total of more than 80 filing patents.

                      China photovoltaic industry association, according with international photovoltaic technology into a new active period, the domestic leader in advanced technology index has risen from 16.5 to 17% to 17-17.8%, the market demand for technology innovation is more rigorous, technology of the competitive level will be further intensified.

                      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

                      For the photovoltaic enterprises in the new era of solar energy, only by continuing to strengthen research and development and investing in technological reform can they maintain their core competitiveness in the long run.

                      Under pressure, China pv industry shows to the world, with an unyielding and quality of the industrious and intelligent, new energy micro power grid, the mobile web APP - green letters, intelligent flight control equipment, intelligent operations center...

                      A series of photovoltaic innovative technologies and products are coming into reality from the drawings.

                      "China's photovoltaic industry fully interprets the 'innovative development concept' proposed by the CPC central committee."

                      Wang Si into, said at the beginning of the 21st century, China pv is still in the simple introduction of equipment, export processing stage, called "three head" (polycrystalline raw materials, manufacturing equipment and outside market).

                      Today, China's polysilicon production has ranked first in the world, the self-sufficiency rate is more than 50%, and 90% of domestic pv manufacturing equipment has been domestically produced.

                      China has surpassed all developed countries in the world in photovoltaic manufacturing technology.

                      "Innovation is an eternal topic for industrial development and a core driving force for supply-side structural reform."

                      Wang stressed that the cost of photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power generation can only be reduced through continuous technological progress.

                      Only by continuing to invest in technological reform can enterprises maintain their core competitive advantages in the long run and remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

                      Move on: "get out" with your feet fast and steady

                      In November 2016, the Paris agreement on climate change came into force, and nearly 200 countries reached the agreement.

                      Along with the agreement, will bring a lot of renewable energy, clean energy investment demand, and photovoltaic (pv) as the natural choice, the replacement of traditional energy will become governments of one of the most effective means.

                      At the same time, with the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry, China's pv products have been expanding in the overseas market share mainly in developing countries in recent years.

                      Especially since "One Belt And One Road" initiative, proposed by China pv enterprises in China with good quality and affordable advantage, go abroad, towards the world, has received the "One Belt And One Road" along the country's popular.

                      "The panda station is the first project to be launched after BBS, the highest level of international cooperation in China."

                      Panda li, chief executive of green group, held in May 2017 peak BBS "One Belt And One Road" international cooperation, panda power station was listed in the government of the People's Republic of China and the United Nations development program (undp) about the mutual promotion of the construction of "One Belt And One Road" action plan for the project list.

                      According to the action plan, China will build panda power stations in countries along the One Belt And One Road line, including the Philippines, Fiji and Thailand, to provide a package of energy solutions.

                      So far, about 20 Chinese photovoltaic companies have opened plants in nearly 20 countries around the world, according to the China photovoltaic industry association.

                      China's main export market for silicon wafers is shifting from Taiwan to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other southeast Asian markets.

                      The component export market is shifting from mature markets in Europe and the us to emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Pakistan and Mexico.

                      China's over-reliance on a single region for photovoltaic products is gone.

                      "The photovoltaic industry is a brand new name card for China in the development of the world economy."

                      Wang Bohua said, China pv enterprises obvious economies of scale, complete industry chain, management personnel and technical personnel have rich experience in large industrial production organization and management, at the same time, the production technology lead to the cost of production continues to decline, these are conducive to Chinese enterprises to the international market on a large scale.

                      "At present, China's photovoltaic industry still faces problems such as small domestic market development space and difficult financing for private enterprises."

                      Wang said the One Belt And One Road initiative has opened up a broader prospect for China's manufacturing sector, which now earns the country nearly $20 billion a year in foreign exchange for photovoltaic products.

                      Under the guidance of the favorable policy of promoting the overseas investment of photovoltaic enterprises by the state, China's photovoltaic enterprises will "go out", which will usher in more market growth space.

                      Dance the Chinese dream, raise the hope sail.

                      The CPC central committee has painted a beautiful "Chinese dream" for the photovoltaic industry.

                      With the support and promotion of various preferential policies, China's photovoltaic industry has embarked on the road of "realizing the dream of China".

                      In the future, as the "area" all the way along the state photovoltaic industry new technology, new application demand is growing, China pv from "big country" to "export powerhouse" dream will come true.

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